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Map Apps for Smartphones and Tablets
A Promotional Map on iPhone

A Commercial Map on Android

Ordnance Survey data Crown copyright and database right

Caversham Telecom develops smartphone and tablet applications.  Our distinctive competence is the development of apps which include maps and search options.

All our maps:-

  • are fully interactive - supporting zoom and pan
  • have appropriate search capabilities.
  • include context-sensitive help screens
  • are supported by email

and we have two types:-

  • free promotional apps - paid for by our customers
  • commercial apps - paid for by end users

Our promotional map apps help users to find customer's outlets by displaying them on maps, listing them and displaying routes to them.

These apps use the GPS and network location capabilities of the device are used to quickly download the latest information on nearest sites and are thus client-server apps. Options include:-

  • Searching for sites near a UK post code
  • Searching for sites suitable for a particular vehicle type such as car, van or heavy good vehicle.

Our commercial maps are stand alone applications which once installed require no Internet connection. Rather than using GPS, they all include searchable gazetteers.  They include the following:-

  • Great Britain Road Map/Atlas with a gazetteer of place names and postal districts
  • City Maps with gazetteers of street names and full postcodes

We use high-quality maps from respected sources including:-

  • Device map APIs such as Google Maps
  • Ordnance Survey
  • Specialist commercial publishers

We are a registered developer for iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

Contact us at sales@cavtel.co.uk

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